Outrageous Strategy Days

Tl:dr? Customer research without strategy will fail, costing you time and money. Begin planning your OutrageousStrategy day with $145 for…

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Watch The Festival of Customer Delight

Watch the Festival of Customer Delight 2023, which happened on 2 October 2023.

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The World Isn’t Waiting For You

Too often in research, we start with the idea of validating our approach works. But what if we started from…

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Your Learning Journey

A while back, I heard a former civil servant (Michael Barber) talk about complex policy decisions and how he would…

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Client Catch Up – Celine

We recently caught up with Celine Verheijen from Defence for Children and ECPAT. We talked about the work we did…

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On Being Proud

We’ve been thinking about ‘change’ and ‘activism’ and how these words attract and repel in equal measure. Thing is a…

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Portrait of Sabine Koppe

Meet Sabine

On Tuesday, we introduced you to Elodie Roy, one of our awesome accomplices here at Outrageous, as part of global…

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Volcano close up

On Communities

I am unsure. I don’t how to write this. But here goes: Anyone else feeling that communities are becoming glorified…

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Photo of Elodie Roy, one of Outrageous' accomplices

Meet Elodie

Sick of hearing us talk about the Amsterdam IIEX conference yet?? No???? Good I’ll carry on. We connected with so…

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Person with sign saying 'its time for the fall of the patriarchy'

On Abortion

The overturning of Roe vs Wade was painful. Painful for women. Painful for people who’ve had abortions or might decide…

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Patrick and Dad

On Inheritance

“You and your brother in law, you’re the ones who are going to change the world.” These were some of…

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Statue of revolver with the end tied in a knot

On Guns

I’ve been around guns my whole life. Always unwillingly. I’ve been in the Army cadets; I’ve gone to clay shooting…

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White clouds over snow covered volcano

On ‘YOUR’ customers

What the HECK do you ACTUALLY know about ‘your’ charity’s supporters, donors & campaigners? In fact, were they ever ‘yours’…

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On Authenticity

When people (never) ask me; Patrick, what are your top skills? I would softly tell them: – BBQ – Following…

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On LinkedIn

If I asked you why do you use LinkedIn, you’re likely to say something along the lines of “to grow…

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