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Five-star rated training programme for building rockstar outdoor & active products.

Training, events and coaching to power outdoor and active brands to understand customers, innovate alongside and consistently delight them.

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Engaging knowledge-sharing festivals to get your entire team collaborating.

Online events that unleash the value of the insight reseach you have already invested in, to spur innovation across your organization.

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Global sports brand

We've been teaching a powerhouse sports brand how to research with athletes and gain invaluable insight into their market.

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Global health brand

We grew this organisation's income using a route map we created after a 20-day research field trip.

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Health non-profit

Our ground-breaking research with stroke survivors raised over 4 million dollars in income and changed the law.

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A portion of our profits go into our Climate Fund. Through this, we fund people and organisations taking action on the climate emergency.

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Last updated: March 2024
Light The Fuse Podcast

The Outrageous Insight Podcast

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Jodine Williams, Mind Advantage

Chatting with Jodine, an exercise psychologist, who will be speaking at OutrageousOutdoors.

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Kevin Knutson, Eddie Bauer

Meet the first speaker for the OutrageousOutdoors festival

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Outrageous Strategy Days

Tl:dr? Customer research without strategy will fail, costing you time and money. Begin planning your OutrageousStrategy day with $145 for…

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Watch The Festival of Customer Delight

Watch the Festival of Customer Delight 2023, which happened on 2 October 2023.

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The World Isn’t Waiting For You

Too often in research, we start with the idea of validating our approach works. But what if we started from…

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