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Training your organisation how to do insight research to grow profits.

Learn to do online qualitative research with our highly rated group learning training.

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Ongoing insight research coaching to solve pressing business questions.

Get expert coaching from our trainers to help you tackle tough insight problems.

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Global sports brand

We've been teaching a powerhouse sports brand how to research with athletes and gain invaluable insight into their market.

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Global health brand

We grew this organisation's income using a route map we created after a 20-day research field trip.

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Stroke Association

Our ground-breaking research with stroke survivors raised over 3 million pounds in voluntary income and even changed the law.

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Climate Legal Fund

A portion of our profits go into our Climate Legal Fund. Through this, we fund people and organisations taking action on the climate emergency.

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Last updated: Jan 2023
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The World Isn’t Waiting For You

Too often in research, we start with the idea of validating our approach works. But what if we started from…

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Your Learning Journey

A while back, I heard a former civil servant (Michael Barber) talk about complex policy decisions and how he would…

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Client Catch Up – Celine

We recently caught up with Celine Verheijen from Defence for Children and ECPAT. We talked about the work we did…

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