Changing the world is tough. What do you need?


"I want my organisation to be more curious about our customers"


"I want to build more award-winning products that drive growth"


"I want my organisation to be more confident doing insight research"


"I want my organisation serving customers we've not reached before"

Interviewing for Innovation

A bespoke 4-week group learning experience that teaches your team to do world-class research.

If knowledge is power, then training is how you give power to the people. Your team will learn to plan, run, and analyse insight research interviews. Through our supportive coaching and powerful training, they’ll be better at understanding customers, anticipating crises, and uncovering innovation opportunities. Heck — you’ll even be able to reduce your expenditure on insight research agencies, too!

Insight Research Coaching

Ongoing support and encouragement that powers your staff to use insight to grow profits.

We know that training is just the start. When you pair your teams and leaders with experienced members of the Outrageous crew, we’ll ensure your training investment goes further. We can help you plan out how you’ll tackle existing insight projects. Be a sounding board for tricky recruits. Provide links to awesome suppliers. And give your people the confidence to use insight research daily to grow profits and uncover untapped markets.

Outrageous have an incredible way to put people at ease, engage with all present, and create a caring community out of participants.

Brian Thiel
Senior Manager

My team LOVED the Interviewing for Innovation class. They are clearly expert in conducting qual consumer insights work and were able to teach our team (with varying levels of experience with qual) the fundamental steps and best practices.

Melissa Dela Santos Lawson
Director of Global Licensing

People at a baseball game, all different types of folks, seated, watching the action.

Experts on call

Stop worrying about insight? We’ll get you clearer on your way forward.

If you are wondering how to research with a particular group of people, we can help. If you’re curious about how to get your organisation, innovating at a new level, just ask. During the Power Hour, we’ll explore your most pressing question and come up with high-impact actions, based on our 20+ years’ experience, all for less than £150.

Make curiosity your unfair advantage

We train teams how to do explosive insight research.

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