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"I want anyone speaking to customers to know how to ask questions, the right way."


"I want my colleagues knowing how to translate insight into innovation."


"I want us to be building more rockstar products, through embedding deep customer empathy."


"I want us to be creating products for our 'today' and 'tomorrow' customers."

Customer Empathy Accelerator

It is not easy to consistently create products that customers love. We coach global and active brands on insight research so they know what customers want and need— today and tomorrow. All so they build more rockstar products.

Research Strategy Session

We help organizations to rapidly build a customer research strategy that works. This will include who to research with, approaches, and how to use insights gathered. All to deliver corporate objectives and delight customers.

Outrageous have an incredible way to put people at ease, engage with all present, and create a caring community out of participants.

VP Innovation
Global Sports Brand

My team LOVED the Interviewing for Innovation class. They are clearly expert in conducting qual consumer insights work and were able to teach our team (with varying levels of experience with qual) the fundamental steps and best practices.

Global Sports Brand

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We coach global brands on customer research, so they build more rockstar products.

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