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The View Finder

Text-based qualitative research at scale, helmed by our activist insight researchers.

Use the voice of the people to trigger the change you want to see! The View Finder tool facilitates live, online, crowdsourced research sessions with up to a thousand participants. We work closely with you to design sessions that yield powerful responses around today’s hottest social justice issues. It’s like having access to the world’s biggest focus group, with none of the bias (AKA a loud man called ‘John’ who dominates the conversation).

Interviewing for Innovation

A bespoke 4-week group learning and coaching experience that teaches your team to do world-class research.

If knowledge is power, then training is how you give power to the people. Your team will learn to plan, run, and analyse insight research interviews. Through our supportive coaching and powerful training, they’ll be better at understanding customers, anticipating crises, and uncovering innovation opportunities. Heck — you’ll even be able to reduce your expenditure on insight research agencies, too!

Patrick has an incredible way to put people at ease, engage with all present, and create a caring community out of participants.

Brian Thiel
Senior Manager

My team LOVED the Interviewing for Innovation class that was taught by Patrick Olszowski at Outrageous Impact. He clearly is an expert on conducting qual consumer insights work and was able to teach our team (with varying levels of experience with qual) the fundamental steps and best practices.

Melissa Dela Santos Lawson
Director of Global Licensing

Really enjoyed working with the team. The Viewfinder technology worked well, making sure that all voices were heard. The report produced afterwards wasn’t just a rehash of respondents’ comments but showed that great thought had gone into trying to work out what those comments meant - and how we might adapt to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

Tim Saunders
Fund Director

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The Opinion Barometer

Opinion polling to unearth hard-hitting numbers.

Planning to take your research findings to politicians or the media? You’ll need concrete statistics, and fast! We work with the world’s largest polling companies to help you get meaningful responses to complex social justice issues at lightning speed. Use in tandem with The View Finder to drill down into common answers for the numbers behind the insight.


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