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"I need us to waste less of our investment in consumer insight research."


"I want us to be building more award-winning products to drive growth."


"I want to close the innovation skills gap, and outcompete rivals."


"I want learning rooted in practice and supported by ongoing support."

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Combining events, training, and coaching ‘Powered by Outrageous’ is our offer for global outdoor and active brands that must innovate more consistently, inclusively and powerfully. Throughout your Powered by Outrageous year, we will develop a cohort of teammates to deliver explosive innovation.

You don’t need more research

What if your next great innovation is already sitting, hidden, inside your organization? We run entertaining, online internal comms events called an ‘OutrageousFest’ to showcase your hard-won insight research, with your staff and anyone else you want to include.

Outrageous have an incredible way to put people at ease, engage with all present, and create a caring community out of participants.

VP Innovation
Global Sports Brand

My team LOVED the Interviewing for Innovation class. They are clearly expert in conducting qual consumer insights work and were able to teach our team (with varying levels of experience with qual) the fundamental steps and best practices.

Global Sports Brand

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