We are on a mission to train outdoor and active brands to innovate so more people enjoy and protect the wild.


"I want my teams collaborating and building rockstar products"


"I wish we had the confidence to kill the products that are hurting our P&L"


"When we do customer research it needs to be all about the consumer, not us"


"If only we were using the customer insight research we already have"


"I want to recruit the best team-mates because our culture is so d*rned innovative"

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Enjoy. Diversify. Protect.

Being outdoors is incredible. It creates memories, connects us to our past and builds wellbeing. We believe that the outdoors belongs to everyone, but right now not everyone feels welcome.

We work with outdoor and active brands to help them to innovate. We help them build more rockstar products. And lose the duds. We help them understand the barriers that stand in the way of more people getting into the wild.

Through training, we get cross-functional teams building products that generate profit and get more people enjoying and protecting outdoor spaces, sooner. Through events, we unleash the investment brands have already made in insight research.

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A portion of our profits go into our Climate Fund. Through this, we fund people and organisations taking action on the climate emergency.

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Outrageous Crew

OM the bomb - Outrageous' logo

OM the Bomb

Answer-Seeker (More than just a logo. Or are they?)

Patrick Olszowski

CEO Lead trainer

Emma Cownley

Emma Cownley

Freelance B2C Writer & Blogging Badass @ Jot Jot Boom  Wrote this website.

Sabine Koppe - headshot

Sabine Koppe

Innovation & Cultural Strategist German/English speaker

Hanna Pasztor - head shot

Hanna Pasztor

Senior UX researcher Hungarian/English speaker

Marina Peluso - head-shot

Marina Peluso PhD

Cultural Research, UX, and Behavioural Insights Italian/English speaker

Dominika Noworolska - head-shot

Dominika Noworolska

User Research Lead Polish/English speaker

Elodie - Head shot

Elodie Roy

Co-founder and Expert in Customer Intelligence at Oriosity French/Spanish/English speaker

Rachel Bhageerutty

Rachel Bhageerutty

Senior Communications Leader Trusted Advisor

Lee Chan - headshot

Lee Chan

Research Director Trusted Advisor

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