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School’s Out

We’ve been training staff from across a global sports brand how to talk to, and innovate with, world-class athletes.

Through our training and ongoing coaching, staff from across the business have a new toolset for understanding what athletes need, so they can innovate in a highly competitive market.

Thanks to our work, the client is innovating more effectively, collaboratively and with less built-in error.

Sweet Home

Sweet Home Alabama

US project we did for a global healthcare company.

This took us on a 20-day research field trip across Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, meeting people in their homes and documenting their lives. We even brought a film crew along for the journey. Alongside lead agency (TEN), we presented a crystal-clear sales and marketing route-map for the client.

Thanks to our work, the client has been able to take market share from a huge incumbent.

Emergency doctor outside a hospital

A day
in the

A day in the life

Working with an EU-wide Non Profit, we used insight research to transform the lives of stroke survivors.

Over three years, we created four ground-breaking insight research projects looking at stroke survivors’ health, care, emotional and financial experiences. Our direct work led to new clinical guidelines for the treatment of childhood stroke and new rights for families and carers. We also raised over 3 million pounds in voluntary income.

Our work has helped thousands of people live better, stronger, and fuller lives after a stroke.

The Kids

The Kids Are Alright

We did research for a global network of children’s charities, funded by a global US grant-making foundation, to reduce online abuse.

The project saw us talking to thousands of people. It featured qualitative at scale and quantitative research. Multiple languages. All to understand what people thought was the best way to protect children from exploitation on social networks.

Thanks to our work, the European Union is creating new legislation, so media platforms will be protecting more young people from harm, 24/7.

Outrageous offered an excellent service, checking what we needed to know (and why). They provided detailed and thoughtful analysis alongside constructive feedback. We felt listened to, and knew we could trust them and the findings. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with Outrageous again.

Senior Manager
Global Non Profit

The experience has helped me prepare for the inevitable tough conversations, and web-casted interviews in and outside of my workplace. After this course I believe I will be able to conduct interviews and moderate conversations in a very organized, respectable, and professional way.

Global Sports Brand

Outrageous are simply the best researchers I have worked with… both strategic in thinking and thorough in delivery. Their political work is intelligent and highly effective….team management is inspiring.

Comms VP
International Development Non Profit

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