Beyond Business as Usual

Welcome to The Alternative MBA, a business school for this century and the next.

We teach intrapreneurs within larger organizations how to transform their businesses to foster human flourishing and respond to the most significant challenge humanity has ever faced: the climate crisis.

Outrageous Insight presents the Alternative MBA with support from The Projects, a co-working space located in Brighton, UK.



This Is for You If…

You know that the climate and related emergencies will impact every aspect of your business.

You acknowledge that human actions have contributed to these crises.

You are determined to take proactive steps to help your business thrive and safeguard Earth’s future.

Planet-Focused Learning

While traditional top-tier business schools chase economic growth, The Alternative MBA treads a different path. We prioritize business as a force for human well-being and Earth’s repair. We believe it is about creating the right climate inside companies. This is what we’ll help you plan, create, and deliver.



Join The Crew

At Outrageous Insight, we are more than educators; we are activists. We believe that business education should be geared to solving the climate crisis—the defining challenge of our era.

We are committed to unleashing the potential of every individual. Our MBA program is centered on nurturing thriving businesses, action, and social justice.



Real Climate Action

Our MBA program is structured into modules. The first module, “Fundamentals,” will delve into critical topics:

Building internal support for climate action within your organization.

Identifying customer preferences and sustainable value propositions.

Leveraging your business’s strengths to contribute to planetary repair.

Forging unexpected alliances to strengthen the case for climate action.

Maintaining your mental well-being while navigating crises.

Let’s Get Started

We are excited to announce a trial run of The MBA (Fundamentals) in Brighton, scheduled for November 2023.

The in-person course will run every Friday for 90 minutes at The Projects in Brighton.

The trial run is entirely FREE and spans six weeks.


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