Do you really want to make me cry?

Then try being a brand running a creative pitch process. It can be a pain in the a***.

Agencies will be doing all sorts of things to turn your head.

Pitch consultancies will be dusting off their finest Powerpoint templates and well-worn sales patter. All topped with late night WhatsApp and DMs 🤮. Garnished with the merest scent of ‘speculative work’ (☠️ ).

So if you’re a leader how can you build a hygge-filled pitch process?

1) Ask agencies for evidence about how their values have influenced their work for previous clients. Explore whether their team represents the widest diversity of society.

2) Please, for the love of all things good in the world (Roquefort cheese, Zwift, Warhammer and Goop) never ask for speculative work.

As the brand owner, you’re the big-person on campus  💪. So why not offer a small development budget or invite a couple of agencies to work alongside you for a day? Work out if you actually like these people.

3) As any fans of S Club 7 will know, there ain’t no party like a party when you are expecting Jo and crew and instead you get the S Club Juniors (yes, they were a thing).

Get clear about who will work on your project.

4) Think broadly about agencies, don’t just ask the usual crowd. Awesome people we love at Outrageous Impact Ltd. include

🔥 Steven Lacey (from The Outsiders)

🔥 Theo Francis (from Guinea Pig Fieldwork and Colour of Research network)

🔥 Caitlin Connors (she/they) (from Bright Harbour doing awesome work on safeguarding and meaningful involvement in research)

Here’s others we love too.

5) Look at how agencies describe their thinking, culture, and their operations online. If they are warts and all, sharing lessons, being generous to others, this is an excellent sign that they will treat you in the same way.