Tl:dr? Customer research without strategy will fail, costing you time and money. Begin planning your OutrageousStrategy day with $145 for an initial planning meeting.


How much do you know about the customers you have today? What about the customers of tomorrow? How much do your senior leaders know about them? And what keeps your leaders awake at night? If the answers are ‘little’ and the ‘rise of new competitors’, we need to talk.

Conducting insight research without a strategy is a recipe for failure. In the absence of a clearly defined, highly actionable strategy, brands often misuse customer research, addressing the wrong questions to the wrong audience, and sometimes merely validating their existing practices. This can lead to profit warnings, increased uncertainty in planning, and a dearth of standout products. All of which makes the job of leading an active or outdoor brand harder.

To win big, customer research needs to be accompanied by strategy. This doesn’t happen by accident. It takes thinking, distance and time, which can feel like an impossible task. You never have enough time to write it, let alone get it signed off. That’s why we are now offering OutrageousStrategy days where, across two half days, online we’ll:

The investment is $995, and the first step is to book an initial one-hour planning session for $145. If you go on to work with Outrageous, the $145 will be deducted from the full price.