On Tuesday, we introduced you to Elodie Roy, one of our awesome accomplices here at Outrageous, as part of global network series. Well, today we wanted to introduce you to Sabine Koppe, another awesome Outrageous accomplice.

Berlin-based Sabine was recommended to us through others in our network and it was immediately admiration at first Wiener Schnitzel (please excuse the pun).

Sabine has brought an exorbitant amount of skills and knowledge to some of our most important projects. Most recently, a project all-around nature-friendly schools.

Just like Elodie here are some fun facts about Sabine,

She sorts her library after colors.

She always falls asleep during watching movies – no matter which movie. Thus her friends always laugh when she ask’s if they want to go to the cinema with her.

She is a super fast reader. She read Nino Haratischwilis “The Eight Life” (For Brilka) 934 pages book in just two days.

She use’s her research skills to explore topics that interest her in her home life. The most interesting exploration is one that she started about two years ago. It is about how to live life in a regenerative way. It brought her to WOL, The Yale course “The science of Wellbeing”, the regeneration and post growth movement, structuring days differently and setting different priorities, Presencing and Social Presencing Theater, Somatics, Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Surviving the Future and so much more.

She once rode standing on a horseback. (It was at a circus. She says it was terrifying to be pulled out of the crowd. She had a security rope to catch me – and on which they eventually pulled her from the horses back sending me flying around the arena. To quote Sabine “Maximum awkwardness.”

She once climbed the Großglockner during a conference in East Tirol. It was one of the most exhausting – but at the same time exhilarating experiences in her life