I am not sure I have the right to make this post. But I need to.

– The restrictions around protest here in the UK
– The potential SCOTUS decision on reproductive health
– The exclusion of trans people from conversion

None of these impact me. So why I am even speaking? Why am I jumping on this bandwagon?

The reality is that I won the genetic lottery. Straight. White. Dude. I am in the box seat. The major domo. The person whose voice gets heard more than others.

What do they say? With great privilege, comes great responsibility?

At Outrageous we believe in the ability of people to challenge injustice. We stand for the power of the collective to effect change. So here’s how we will be responding:

– We are keen to invite progressive activists on to our Light The Fuse (30 minute LinkedIn live) show for a paid chat on their work in this issue. We pay £100. Shout if this is you or someone you know.

– We HAVE already amended our Pay, Reward, Promotion policy to include paid time off for ab***ion.

– If direct activists, take action on the issues above, we will also include them in our legal costs funding through our Activist Legal Fund. This builds on our targeted support for LGBTIQ+ activists taking action on the climate.

– We will not be entertaining any patriarchal nonsense from people telling us this is not a) for LinkedIn, b) not professional, c) or engaging in any ‘Whataboutism’ on these. Chef’s kiss.