On Therapy

It has been 4 years. Over 200 instances. I have finally finished therapy. God what an awful way to spend…

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A tree and field at dusk. The tree is in silhouette. The field has orange light, cutting through the dark.

On 300 years

We didn’t get the candidate we wanted. They went somewhere else. Somewhere different. A place with a big reputation, a…

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Sign held up above a a crowd, with the Extinction Rebellion logo on it. The sign has the words 'The climate is changing. So should we. #ActNow'

On Crises

During the pandemic, we nearly stopped being a business. There was four months without work. It was scary as all hell….

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A white number (42) against a black backdrop. 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything.

On Having It All

If you’re a charity or non profit that has not done insight research or market research lately, a lot has…

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The tops of heads of people at a protest. There is a sign held up with the words 'Fight today for a better tomorrow' (written all in capital letters, handwritten).

On Legacy

When you get to the end of your life do you want to be remembered for nailing four consecutive quarters…

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A judge's gavel, against a white backdrop.

On Roe v Wade

I am not sure I have the right to make this post. But I need to. – The restrictions around…

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An American style yellow school bus with the words 'Use your voice' graffitied across the front windscreen.

On Change

March 2020 – best year for my business ever, selling insight research. One month later, the first of 4 months…

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A group of wind turbines at sea, on a sunny day. The sea is calm. It is almost dusk. There is a supply ship at the back of the image (left hand side as you see it).

On Profit For Good

The world is really scary right now. It’s easy to feel like you can achieve nothing. It’s easy to feel…

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People at a museum. People in silhouette. Museum dark. With shiny blue background art.

On painful pitches

Do you really want to make me cry? Then try being a brand running a creative pitch process. It can…

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