If I asked you why do you use LinkedIn, you’re likely to say something along the lines of “to grow my network and find new clients.” Well you’re not wrong but there is so much more to it than that.

Because Linkedin is not just ALL about reaching out to clients. Instead, think of LinkedIn as a crucial part of your awareness building for your brand or organisation. With the occasional dose of sales activation (here’s what we do and how we can help you) thrown in.

It is not. NOT. Repeat after me. For pitch slaps.

It can be tough sometimes to find the right people to connect with, to follow, to comment on (sporadic) posts, and to engage with.

But I have some advice for you; be bold!!!

Create content that will shock your audience (in a good way of course). Make them say s**t that’s cool, I need to work with them!

Think about how can you help people? What problems can you solve for them? What measurable, appreciable gains can you get for them?

Gone are the days of cold selling and connecting with randomers just for the hell of it. Use LinkedIn as a way to develop relationships and trust with the people in your network.

THEN you can move them down “The Sales Funnel” (or the ‘human relationship helter-skelter slide’ as we like to call it) and convert them into sales for your org.