When you get to the end of your life do you want to be remembered for nailing four consecutive quarters for America’s third most popular dog food brand? Or do you want to show how YOUR insight research has materially improved people’s lives?

How it has tackled injustice? And helped brands navigate more confidently through the world’s most pressing social issues? How you’ve supported others to shine?

THIS is what we mean when we say ‘ACTIVIST INSIGHT RESEARCH’. It’s not yet a well known phrase, but it WILL be:

🚀 Is explosive research that creates change in people, communities, laws, decisions and boardrooms.

🤧 Hates dusty reports, in beige offices.

❌ Involves telling ‘Office politics as game of thrones fan’ Geoff to ‘jog on fella’. Go on, take a hike.

💥 Means seeing what customers want and decoding what they don’t yet know they need.

🧟‍♂️ Will see you abandoning some plans, projects, and products because they are bad, evil, wrong, or just plain ugly.

✅ Involves leaving the confines of the research centre, or the cosy sample panel and saying “what do people really think?”

As the famous ad campaign here in the UK says (shout out to Engine UK for their Royal Marines campaign) “it’s a state of mind, you may already have it”.

Activist insight research. Let’s change the world faster.