“You and your brother in law, you’re the ones who are going to change the world.”

These were some of the last lucid words my dad said before he died last year.

At the time these seemed like a platitude, a passing comment. But the more I’ve reflected the more I realised that this IS what drives me as we are building Outrageous.

We believe passionately that the world is not fair. We know that huge inequalities and injustices prevent people from unleashing their awesome.

I mean isn’t it crazy that people are more afraid of cyclists than fossil fuels? That people can’t be themselves? Or love who they love? Or are stuck at home because they can’t access the bus?

We stand for the people and groups who challenge the system and stand up. The activists. The truth tellers.

Our Activist Legal Fund will divert a portion of our sales to fund the legal fees of arrested activists.

Our research for clients will power them to light the fuse on tackling social injustice.

We stand for those who want to use their organisations for good and demand better. Those who not only want to understand their supporters and customers. But to delight them. To energise like them never before.

We train charity teams to do this research themselves. So they can have the skills, knowledge and confidence they need in-house.

We do research projects. Qualitative research at scale. All without a loud mouth called ‘David’ ruining the session for everyone else. David? Put a sock in it.

We believe in the power of rest, Warhammer and pizza. We are building a business that is explicitly anti-racist, explicitly anti-patriarchy, pro-neurodiversity and disability.

We are a four day business. Changing the world faster demands lots of rest.

Who knows what will happen. All I know is that I miss this guy. And the guy in the cap.