We didn’t get the candidate we wanted.

They went somewhere else. Somewhere different. A place with a big reputation, a flashier brand. I was gutted. And said so. Even though I could see it was the right move for them.

Through our recruitment process, my firm Outrageous Impact Ltd aims to lead the field.

Sure, we are not the biggest payer, but our impact is outsized. That’s because we see #insight as a tool for social justice. A tool for revolution. A method for changing the world faster.

Our policies and practices are unfussy, straightforward, respectful and aim to dismantle power injustice (what others have told us!)

People make choices for many, complex, layered reasons (heck, without this, #marketresearch wouldn’t exists). But as I reflect on not bringing the next awesome team-mate to the group (this time), I am committing myself to making Outrageous an even more attractive place to work:

– A place with an evidenced, externally demonstrable track record of dramatically changing stuff for the better faster.

– A place that sees #Marketing as a top-priority for the entire organisation, invests in brand, design and insight.

– A place that loves to pop the bubble of the pompous.

– A place where people come to learn, progress, and where we celebrate when they move on to their next adventure.

– A place where the entire team share in the profits of our combined success.

– A place where we don’t just write reports that sit on shelves, we spend time in refugee camps, we donate part of our profits to pay arrested activists legal fees, we speak out (without fear, ok with a bit of fear), and we never slack from trying to change the world (except when we are knackered. Elite level rest = elite level performance).

This is the jagged mountain path we are following to design an organisation that we aim to still be here in 300 years’ time. The path, that becomes a track, a park, an ecosystem.

Yeah, sometimes you don’t get the breaks, but after this, what do I learn? Onward. Better. Faster. Always learn.