We’ve been thinking about ‘change’ and ‘activism’ and how these words attract and repel in equal measure.

Thing is a lot of people working inside organisations have things they want to change. These can be small things. They could be massive things that impact the whole organisation, a whole community, or society at large.

I think people feel quite powerless to make these changes. Indeed they feel dispirited. Why does it have to be like this? And is using the phrase activism disempowering rather than empowering for the majority of people?

If our end goal is to create more change more frequently, for more progressive ends, as I sit here in the car I wonder if it’s actually about thinking ‘personal legacy’?

Is it in fact saying to people “let’s help you work out what matters to you and help you to do work you can be proud of?”

Because I certainly know there’s been work I’ve done that I haven’t wanted to tell people about. Work or jobs that I felt ashamed about.

There’s also been so many projects where I couldn’t wait to throw open the doors and tell the whole world “hey I did this”. Or even better “wow look at what we did together”.

I think there are a huge number of people working right at this very moment who are wishing RIGHT NOW for a little bit more meaning in what they’re doing.

People who want to achieve something bigger than just their own personal gain. People who want to change something that they can be proud of.

What do you want to be proud of?