When people (never) ask me; Patrick, what are your top skills? I would softly tell them:


– Following North America’s perennially least successful sports franchises (Cowboys, Leafs anyone?)

– Building Brio trains with our junior dragon (pictured)

– Using insight research training and events to power people to unleash their awesome.

– And running Outrageous’ ‘Light the Fuse’ podcast.

Thing is, a bit like that massive pile of train and track (in the picture), Light the Fuse is about how change happens. And it can be chaotic.

Each week, it features:

🦄 designer diapers

🤣 swearing

🐰 laughter

🔥 amazing revelations from considerate and wonderful guests

💯 political rants.

🐗 It is DEFINITELY not safe for work.

I bring together activists, brands, marketers and inspiring people to discuss how to change the world faster. And I love it.

I want the world to be better. Now. And my guests and I are gonna tell you straight. In just 30 minutes each week.

It’s also how we explore what we like and don’t:

😡 Research that sits festering on a shelf? Not for us.

🤬 Beige offices where dreams go to die? Nein Danke.

🥶 Teams asked to do research themselves without having the skills, knowledge and confidence? Maverick, you are too dangerous and can’t fly on my wing.

If you’re about changing the world faster:

🤓 Listen – https://lnkd.in/e3nBj6uk

🥸 Or contact us to be a guest. But bear in mind nothing in life is certain.

Love ya.