The overturning of Roe vs Wade was painful. Painful for women. Painful for people who’ve had abortions or might decide to have one in the future. Painful for America.

Yesterday was a blow to progressives. Who knew progress wasn’t always moving forward.

Now it appears that the Supreme Court may want to go further in unpicking other incredibly hard fought legal precedents. All because of dogma and intolerance, rather than jurisprudence.

Daisy Doba and I are just back from speaking at a market research conference (#iiexeurope). Our topic was ‘Why brands also now need to be activists’.

Little did we know that 24 hours on, brands big and small, would be called on to do exactly this in the most full on way.

So here’s what we said then that brands, agencies and nonprofits might consider:

1) ask your staff what they feel and think, RESEARCH!

2) encourage your staff to speak out on social, on the streets, in debates, the media. Unleash your staff.

3) if staff get arrested for abortion activism, pay bail (h/t Beth Thoren and others)

4) pay special attention to those staff who don’t speak up. Those from different backgrounds, the lowest paid, those in your supply chain. Some will be hit far harder by the #roevwade reversal.

5) research with your customers. Find out where they stand.

6) decide what your firm’s position will be and communicate this internally and externally. Be consistent.

7) share your profits, donate

8) share your social media platforms to amplify the ‘voices seldom heard’ (h/t Theo Francis)

9) connect activists to powerful people you know. Share your privilege.

10) engage in politics and activism yourself.

11) Men, take action. You can get a vasectomy. I have.

This is no time for brands to go silent.

It’s critical brands, nonprofits, charities, Bcorps read the room. Even if you think and say “we don’t DO politics”, this decision shows that politics can still DO you in profound and unexpected ways.

Ps- for context, we regularly do 7/10 of these and are working on the other three.

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