The world is really scary right now. It’s easy to feel like you can achieve nothing.

It’s easy to feel like all your actions make no difference and our physical and emotional distance allows us to look away from the realities of the world.

At the same time businesses need to keep going and generating profits. Have you heard turnover is vanity, profit is sanity? Businesses turn over 100s of millions of pounds each year but which ones actually make any profit.

Outrageous impact is two people plus a Micro swat team of researchers. We are not the most profitable organisation in the world.

At Outrageous we vehemently believe in the redistribution of our wealth and profits. Especially at times like this when there are so many people who need support. Since the creation of our Activist legal fund, we have donated just under £4000 to a range of people.

Earlier in the year we spoke to a fantastic activist Fazeela Mubarak. Fazeela is a youth climate activist who works with the Wild Heart Kenya foundation. Fazeela told us the harrowing story of a lady called Fatima in Kenya who was trampled by a buffalo and needed urgent medical care. The buffalo had traveled to the village where Fatima lived to find water. Climate Change has meant that water has become scarcer and ultimately leads to tragedies such as this.

We were able to contribute to Fatima’s medical treatment in Nairobi and we are pleased to say she has made a full recovery!

Not to steal Tescos phrase but, every little does help and we are proud to be making a difference in the world!

On that, we want to encourage you to join us and donate to those in Ukraine at the moment.