Sick of hearing us talk about the Amsterdam IIEX conference yet?? No???? Good I’ll carry on.

We connected with so many interesting people there from so many different countries and cultures. In that we realised something.

Having a global community is one the most important assets of any organisation.

People who’ve got your back in all corners of the globe it’s truly awesome.

In a recent project working we worked with ECPAT a global network of children’s charities, funded by a giant US grant-making foundation, Oak.

Throughout this project we spoke to thousands of people, in multiple languages that would have been near on impossible if it wasn’t for our global network.

That’s where we met Elodie Roy! The co-founder of Oriosity. Elodie is one of our amazing global researchers and you NEED to meet her to!

And to get to know her a little better here’s some fun facts..

– She’s recently discovered paddel tennis and got addicted to this sport. If not in the office or playing with the kids, she’s probably on a court. 🏓

– The first time she went to spend 2 weeks with my Spanish pen-friend’s family, she didn’t speak a word of Spanish. She left home with a dictionary and a paper with basic, life-saving sentences like “I am thirsty” or “I want to call my mum”. Over the years, she felt so deeply in love with the people and the culture that she settled in Málaga. 🇪🇸

– She’s a huge fan of the Christmas spirit and you can sometimes hear her kids sing carols in July. 🧑‍🎄