If you’re a charity or non profit that has not done insight research or market research lately, a lot has changed.

🐰 Now you don’t have to choose between qualitative and quantitative research (the why or the numbers). Online research platforms can give you both.

🐇 Surveys are not the only way to hear from your staff, customers, supporters, donors suppliers or even your customers’ customers. Now you can use video and mobile ethnographic tools that give you a view into people’s lives that go far beyond what people purely say.

🥚🍳 Sample providers (the people who get you the people who you hear from) are recognising the world isn’t fair. And are making strides to ensure that samples represent all races, religions, disability, sexuality, gender. And crucially the wonderful patchwork and intersections of all these.

Barriers are falling. The world is waiting to uncover its next mystery. It’s time to get out there and listen.