I had just lost my dream job in the charity sector. It hadn’t worked out. It hurt.

I remember walking out, six and a bit years ago, getting the train home, and thinking “what the heck am I going to do?”

I had a young kid, mortgage, payments and no money coming in. I was in a BAD way.

After I’d dusted myself off (this took a long while), I knew I needed income and a plan.

So I started doing interim jobs for charities, leading campaigns and policy teams, collaborating with comms teams. Helping to get laws changed. Supporting organisations to mobilise supporters. And get mentioned in the press.

All the things I’d done for just one charity and now was doing for a small number of charity clients (2 in fact).

The problem was this made me feel like I was BACK in the job that hadn’t worked.

This is why I also needed a plan. Here’s what I did:

1) I interviewed people I knew in the charity and non profit world

2) I asked them about their lives

3) I asked what they thought I should do

4) I went (eventually) to therapy (sad+critical, expensive+worth every penny)

And the message consistently came back – insight research/market research is your superpower, it’s how you help people.

This is why I setup Outrageous, to change the world faster through explosive insight training and research.

I want to train everyone in charities, non profits, and purpose businesses (maybe it’s you) how to do insight research so you feel confident and skilled to do your job and be recognised as bad@@ses by your directors and CEOs.

I truly believe today’s insight is tomorrow’s revolution.

If you are impatient for change, we should grab a coffee.

My team and I have space for new training clients and here’s how we can work together:

🥳 It’s called ‘Interviewing for Innovation’ and it is insight research training & coaching🦉

🍾 In just 4 weeks, alongside 6-9 people from your organisation, you’ll learn to plan, run and analyse world class interviews so you can find out what your supporters (donors, campaigners) REALLY want.

🦄 You each do a live series of video interviews task with supporters and get feedback.

🌈 The course is all about psychological safety. You will never be singled out or made to feel anything about other than valued. Yes there will be feedback but it will be constructive.

🔥The course (7 people) is an investment of £11k & is HIGHLY rated by past participants. Don’t believe me? It scores 4.7/5 on Trustpilot. Link below.

🤩 You will be trained by people who know the ups and down of the charity sector and as a result:

* you will end getting wildly better insight for your fundraising, campaigning, comms and marketing work.

* AND you’ll spend less on having to bring in agencies to do insight research.

* Plus YOU can ensure that the insight research ACTUALLY gets done (as ALL too often doesn’t happen in charity/non profits, right?)

Ready to light the fuse? Let’s talk.

Interviewing for Innovation