So you want to write a great brief? Excellent, here are some ideas on what to include:

1 – Ask how the agency will ensure that they are baking inclusivity and justice into your project.

2 – Talk about the business problem you have to solve.

3 – Talk about why you need to solve this problem now.

4 – Talk about what you already know and have already tried.

5 – Be clear about your risk tolerance – does this project absolutely have to work or are you prepared to gamble big (for a bigger result and also no result)?

6 – Share what your initial thinking is with regards to tactics, but don’t be dogmatic. A good agency will help you answer your question in the best way.

7 – Talk about when you need the findings implemented by – not when the project needs to report by.

8 – Ask the suppliers about how their values have impacted previous work for clients – rather than just asking if an agency has done exactly the same work you need.

9 – Ask about exactly who will be doing the project. Write this into the contract.

10 – Don’t put out briefs without giving a budget. Time is literally the lifeblood of agencies.

11 – Be clear about who will be making the decision internally and how and when you will decide.

Do these, and you’ll get the best agencies pitching for your work. And they’ll love you for it.