Want to be more interesting? Rapport is where it’s at (as well as “2 x turntables and a microphone”)….

🎧 Take an interest in other people; ask open questions about their lives and interests. Genuinely care about their answers.

♠️ Look to understand a person at the surface level as well as their deeper world view.

👀 Observe and acknowledge their facial reactions and body language. Be on the lookout for mismatches between what people say and how they act.

🌽 Try to listen without prejudice. It is too easy to cancel others because their views don’t chime with your own. Instead get curious, listen intently. Learn.

🥵 If people get angry, get EVEN more curious! This is usually a precursor to fascinating insight. Stay calm.

🆘 Acknowledge rapport is impossible with some people. Don’t be afraid to pull the ejector handle (like Goose from Top Gun – hopefully with better results).

🪂 Exit with dignity. “I know lots of other people will want to chat with you, so I must not monopolise your time”.

🥂Treat people well. Respect people’s dignity. These tips work as well for insight research as for evening drinks, networking or even at a wedding.