Charity Suppliers We ❤️

Changing the world is tough. This is a list of providers and companies that truly understand charities and non-profits. These…

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How Charities Can Thrive During Recession

A guide on how your charity and non-profit can use insight research to thrive during a recession.

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A hand touching a physics experiment in the dark. Something like a Van De Graaf generator (sorry for not knowing the technical gubbins). The hand touching the gizmo, sees blue and red rays shoot in different directions inside the orb.

How To Build An Innovative Charity

A while back we wrote this guide about how to build an innovative culture in your charity or non-profit.

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Two rings made up of swirling light. The rest of the image is pitch black. The rings are different sizes and multi-coloured.

How To Build Rapport

Want to be more interesting? Rapport is where it’s at (as well as “2 x turntables and a microphone”)…. 🎧…

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How To Handle Objections

Here is a document to help you with handling objections to your research.

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Two bison fighting

How To Hold Difficult Conversations

In the aftermath of Brexit, we drew together a group of people to have a difficult conversation. Emotions were still…

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How To Plan Your Insight

Here is a research plan.

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How To Prepare For A Recession

If you’re a charity or non profit, there are two things you should be preparing for right now, the upcoming recesssion…

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How To Present Research

Here is a template for presenting your research findings.

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Pavement art with the words 'together we will change the world' written in chalk.

How To Rebrand

Do you remember Global Hypercolour Tee-shirts? 👕 The ones where heat would make the tee change colour? 🥵 They are…

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Interview Guide Template

Here is an interview guide.

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Interview Invite Template

Here is an interview invite form.

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Interview Screener Template

Here is a screener you can use when working with an external recruiter who is finding you people for in-depth…

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The Outrageous Marketing Board Game

Do you work for a charity or not-for-profit? Do you enjoy board games? Do you want to learn more about…

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A wind-bent tree, with just a few leaves, stands in a parched desert. There is a mountain range in the back. The sun is setting.

Tips On Teaching Adults

In the past 18 months I have taught 8 online courses. Here’s what I can tell you: 1) People bring…

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